When using drops it is very important to keep your eye drops in a cool clean place. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight. If carrying them in your handbag place them in a clean plastic bag.

Also avoid touching your eye or any part of your eye with the dropper and when taking the lid off the eye drop bottle lay the lid on its side on a clean tissue. Avoid touching the dropper with your fingers.

Like all medications you should only use drops if they have been prescribed for you for your condition by your doctor. Throw out drops that you are no longer required to use.

Inserting eye drops may be difficult at first but it does become faster and easier with practice. The below instructions may help you:

  • Before opening the eye drops always wash your hands
  • Clean the eyelid if necessary with a cotton ball that has been moistened with cooled boiled water
  • If you need to wipe your eye do so gently with a clean tissue
  • If you are sitting tilt your head back and look up towards the ceiling or whilst lying on your bed
  • Place the bottle of drops across the bridge of your nose so the dropper end is just above your eye
  • Gently squeeze the bottle and the drop should fall directly into your eye
  • After inserting the eye drop gently keep your eye lid closed for at least one minute, do not squeeze or blink
  • To stop the drops running down the back or your throat, whilst your eye is closed press gently on the tear duct, (nasal side of eye lid)
  • When inserting different types of drops in the one eye, insert the first lot of drops and wait five minutes, insert the second and third lot of drops, waiting five minutes between
  • Always screw the lid back on the drops straight away and keep the drops out of direct sunlight

A plastic eye drop dispenser is available from your local pharmacist to assist with easy, accurate dispensing of your eye drops. The dispenser is an aid for those patients having difficulty administering their drops, particularly patients with arthritis. They are designed to fit all sized containers, from small to the large.


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