Topography & Autorefraction are done at the same time. Topography is a topographical map of your cornea. You may have this done if you have corneal trouble such as Keratoconus or if you have cataracts. Autorefraction provides an objective measurement of your refractive error (the strength glasses you wear). It is particularly important to know your refraction prior and after cataract surgery to calculate the most suitable artificial lens. Currently Medicare does not offer a refund for this vital test.


Gene Therapy Appeal

Tasmanian Eye Institute is funding a dedicated Ophthalmic Gene Therapy Centre to be located in Hobart. This will be the first of its kind in Australia. 60% of blindness in infants is caused by inherited (genetic) eye diseases.

Help combat previously untreatable genetic eye diseases by making a donation to this life changing treatment.

Donate today to change somebodies outlook on life.

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