A computer perimetry (also known as a visual field) tests the entire scope of your peripheral (side) vision.

This test is frequently used to detect any sign of glaucoma damage to the optic nerve. In addition, perimetry tests are also useful for detecting central or peripheral retinal disease, eyelid conditions such as ptosis or drooping, optic nerve disease and disease affecting the visual pathways within the brain.

The perimetry test is performed one eye at a time with the other eye completely covered to avoid errors. You will be asked to look directly ahead at all times to avoid testing the central vision rather than the peripheral vision.

On your first visit to the ophthalmologist, with signs of glaucoma, the ophthalmic technicians will perform a perimetry test collating the results for the ophthalmologist to view during your consultation. This initial test is commonly referred to as your 'base line' test. This enables the ophthalmologist to form a starting point and then at regular intervals, further perimetry tests are performed and comparisons are made against your initial test. Without regular 6 monthly tests it is very difficult for the ophthalmologist to accurately monitor your progress. Multiple 6 monthly tests are a very important part of assessing and monitoring your condition as it can detect any subtle changes in your vision. Some medications you take can also affect your central vision (such as Plaquenil) so you may need to have more regular field tests for this reason.

In some patients, not all, this 6 monthly testing may be co-managed between the ophthalmologist and your optometrist.

Currently a Medicare refund is available for this test.


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