YAG Laser - Capsulotomy

Laser capsulotomy is used to treat Posterior Capsule Opacity, a hazy film on the capsule surrounding the lens which may occur after cataract surgery. The laser treatment is performed in the rooms at the Launceston Eye Institute and during this procedure a laser is used to remove the hazy capsule by directing two laser beams into the eye, where the two laser beams meet is where the laser can blast the PCO that forms, returning vision to the eye.

This treatment, like most ophthalmic treatments, requires your pupils to be dilated. The laser will only take a few minutes and it is virtually painless with usually no discomfort after treatment.

Following the laser treatment you will most likely be required to use drops for several days. The majority of patients will notice an improvement in their vision within a day following the procedure. If you have any concerns, or your vision is not improving please contact the Launceston Eye Institute on 03 6344 1377.

Laser iridotomy is a treatment for patients suffering closed-angle glaucoma. The purpose of an iridotomy is to lower pressure and preserve vision. A laser beam is directed into the eye to make a small hole in the iris, the coloured part of the eye and this allows the trapped aqueous fluid to flow more freely toward the trabecular meshwork (in the front part of the eye).

Without this new channel through the iris, intra-ocular pressure can build rapidly causing damage to the delicate optic nerve and resulting in permanent loss of vision.


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